About DMR

DMR Exports is based in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India, which is also known as the city of locks and a great hardware hub in northern India and is approximately 135 kms from the Capital of India, New Delhi. The name DMR is actually shuffling of the initials of the founder, his wife and son. Founded in early 90’s, the company has made enormous progress and is attaining even greater heights in the hands of the new Managing Director, Deep Sharma, the son of the founder, who completed his higher education from London, United Kingdom and now implementing all what he learnt.

DMR combine over 20 years of manufacturing tradition with modern engineering technology, producing a range of modern luxury to discriminating homeowners, architects and designers through superior design, craftsmanship and functionality. More than just a brand name, DMR identifies a birthright to the claim that time-tested skills forge the surest path to timely design solutions.

DMR manufactures special products either to customers own specification, or we are able to offer in-house design and manufacturing facilities which are suitable for applications ranging from domestic dwellings to prestigious public or commercial buildings.

Our aims are to complement a good product with a good service and delivery, holding most standard items in stock and giving fast response to orders and enquiries. At DMR we specialize in everything we do.

Our engineering capabilities know 'no bounds' as we have the manufacturing and precision engineering facilities that go hand in hand with our experienced personnel to offer you the right quality product that will meet your specification.

Quality Control

We emphasize enormously upon the quality of our products to ensure that we exceed the customer's expectations and build up a good relationship.

During the quality check we closely assess the raw materials/parts before they enter the manufacturing line. To achieve required standards we check for quality throughout various points during the whole manufacturing process like weight, size, batch testing etc of products to ensure required specifications are achieved and it also helps to identify any defect or problem. Then along the production line all the characteristics of a product are considered to ensure overall quality.

And finally the product is checked to ensure that it provides accurate and consistent results along with a fine tuning to make sure it is up to the mark and right as required.

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